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Contribute - Memoriam Donation

ARMENIA FUND USA – Leave a Legacy of Rebirth

Armenia Fund USA introduces a meaningful way to pay tribute to the memory of the recently departed.
A memoriam donation “In Lieu of Flowers” is a way to perpetuate rebirth and life in the motherland in the name and memory of a loved one.

A memoriam donation will leave a lasting legacy that builds sustainable infrastructure and social foundations in Armenia and Karabakh. For more information on making a memoriam donation, please call Armenia Fund USA at 212- 689-5307

infrastructure . accountability . inclusion
Armenia Fund USA supports the development of roads, schools and medical facilities and invests in humanitarian programs in education, training and healthcare. The Fund is defined by a focus on infrastructure development, a pledge of accountability, and a mandate of inclusion. Transparent procurement policies and ground level controls ensure that funding dollars make it into the right hands, every step of the way.

Armenia Fund USA, 152 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016,
PH: 212-689-5307, FAX: 212-689-5317,  www.armeniafundusa.org