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Projects - Hygiene Upgrade Initiative

Ensuring safe & clean public facilities
Armenia currently lags in terms of public hygiene: everything from public toilets and fly screens to soap and sterilization methods are ignored as a result of degradation from Soviet and post-Soviet living standards.

The Hygiene Upgrade Initiative seeks to ensure safe and clean public facilities in Armenia and Karabagh and was created in response to the reactions of visitors appalled by the lack of general hygienic conditions.

The idea behind the program is to begin implementing world-class hygiene standards throughout Armenia and Karabagh. Armenia Fund USA, in conjunction with the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund offices in Yerevan, will begin by implementing hygiene measures in hospitals in Yerevan. Eventually, the program will be expanded to include museums, universities, concert halls and various public facilities.

Armenia Fund USA that although rebuilding roads, schools and hospitals is of paramount importance, it is equally important to make a positive impact on people’s daily living standards. The Public Hygiene Project is a first step in this direction.

Thanks to Mr. Hagop Giritlian’s generous donation of $150,000, the Hygiene Upgrade Initiative will launch its first undertaking at the Children’s Division of Yerevan’s hospital #3.

A better life is at times achieved by small, incremental changes. The Hygiene Upgrade Initiative is a means of insuring insulated hospital rooms, running water, and sanitization in Armenia’s public facilities.