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Projects - North-South Highway

“The Backbone of Karabakh”
The North-South Highway is designed to span the entire length of Nagorno Karabakh, linking over 100 towns and villages from Mardakert to Hadrout via the capital of Stepanakert. The North-South Highway, referred to as “The Backbone of Karabakh,” will unite the entire Republic of Nagorno Karabakh through a solid core and facilitate economic, political and cultural development. During Soviet times, roads zigzagged in and out of Karabakh and Azerbaijan, leaving Karabakh economically dependent on Azerbaijan and otherwise isolated. The completed Highway will allow merchants to bring goods to market, give schoolchildren the means to attend classes in neighboring villages, provide a transport channel for services and necessities and help promote tourism. Finally, the Highway will serve as a deterrent against possible future aggressions from Azerbaijan.

The Highway, which will equip Karabakh with core strength, is one of Armenia Fund USA’s most ambitious infrastructure projects and serves as a complement to the existing Goris-Stepanakert Highway, completed in 1999. The North-South Highway, in its finished form, will span 105 miles and cost an estimated $25 million. To date, over 25 miles (40 km) have already been constructed. One meter (about 3.4 feet) of highway costs $150 to build.

Completed segmentsSections in construction:
Shuka- Drakhtik
Sheker Bridge
Sarushen-Karmir Shuka

Highway completion is scheduled for 2006. The North South Highway’s remaining 80 miles will cost an approximate $15 million funding dollars. As with all Armenia Fund projects, the North-South Highway is being constructed with uncompromised quality and at the lowest cost possible. The Fund insures its pledge to financial accountability and transparency by exercising open bidding and monitoring both funds and construction on a ground level.

Every foot built towards the Backbone of Karabakh is a step towards core strength, mobility, vitality, and renewal. Join us in building the infrastructure upon which Karabakh’s future will be built.