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Announcing Armenia Fund’s 14th International Thanksgiving Day Telethon

A Gift of Water, A Gift of Life

Armenia Fund proudly launches its 14th International Thanksgiving Telethon campaign set to air on November 24, 2011 in all major Armenian-American communities in the U.S. and across the globe.

In early October, Armenia Fund unveiled the 2011 Telethon logo, an image of water underneath a growing plant with the slogan, “A Gift of Water, A Gift of Life.”

The slogan for Telethon 2010 was “Water is Life,” and Armenia Fund has continued the theme of water in this year’s Telethon. Water is a central component to the overall viability of a community and instrumentally affects the health and livelihood of every citizen. Throughout the rural communities of Armenia and Artsakh, the lack of accessible water has been significantly hindering the lives of many. On average, each family throughout Armenia and Artsakh spends 40% of their daily lives carrying water from a source 2-5 miles away.

Along with the Telethon campaign, we are now accepting text donations in support of this year’s “A Gift of Water, A Gift of Life” Telethon. To help bring clean water to people in Armenia, donate $10 by texting the word ARMENIA to 80088. By replying with YES to confirm your donation, $10 will be charged to your cell phone bill.

To stay connected with Armenia Fund, join our new mobile community! Once confirming your donation, you will be given a chance to OPTIN by replying with YES to the automated text. Those who choose to become a part of our mobile community will receive monthly text messages per month reminding you of our upcoming events. Join us today!

Armenia Fund has constructed more than 175 miles of water treatment and supply systems across Armenia and Artaskh over the past 19 years. Thanks to those who contributed to last year’s Telethon, Armenia Fund was able to give 26,880 residents of Artsakh a supply of fresh, clean drinking water in their households.

Because of such dire conditions in our homeland, Armenia Fund has made it its mission to construct reservoirs, wells, pumps, and new inner systems and water pipelines across the region. Within one year, 14 water projects were either initiated and/or completed through Armenia Fund’s programs, bringing clean water to more and more people everyday.

By supporting Armenia Fund’s Telethon efforts, people from all over can become a part of our collective strength to revive the economies in the rural communities abroad. Every call makes a difference, and will contribute to our shared objective of achieving an economically independent and prosperous Armenia and Artsakh.

Clean drinking water is undeniably imperative, which is why Telethon 2011 will address this issue for the second year in a row and continue to make water more accessible to every Armenian community.

The live broadcast of the Thanksgiving Telethon will be available online on the Armenia Fund USA website.

We are now accepting volunteers in New York the day of the Telethon.

Donate for the Telethon 2010

Join us and help bring the gift of life to all those who need it!

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The live broadcast of the Thanksgiving Telethon will also be available on the internet at

Around the world, the Telethon will be featured on H1-Armenian Public Television, Los-Angeles based 24 hour Armenian Russian Television Network and Horizon Armenian TV.

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