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Latest News

2017-08-22: Armenia Fund USA Partners with Pegasus: The Orchestra

2017-05-05: Hanganak Elderly Project Expands to Shushi with Support from Armenia Fund USA

2017-04-21: Armenia Fund USA Visits Kirikian Armenian School

2017-04-05: Armenia Fund USA Raises Funds for Akhtala at Annual Benefit Evening

2017-03-23: Armenia Fund USA raises 50,000 USD for The Armenian National Philharmonic Orchestra

2017-01-16: Armenia Fund USA Launches the Y. Gladys Barsamian Scholarship for Armenian Female Lawyers

2016-10-05: Armenia Fund USA Eastern Region Affiliate States Announcement of New Chairman Levon Ariyan

2016-08-26: Rosemarie Yaverian, Head of Branch Administration for Bank of New Jersey, becomes Armenia Fund USA’s new Treasurer

2016-07-14: Acclaimed Pianist and Composer Karén Hakobyan becomes Armenia Fund USA’s new Cultural Program Advisor

2016-07-01: Akhtala toxic pollution cleanup, funded by Armenia Fund USA

2015-12-14: Tchaikovsky Music School of Yerevan: Rising to the 21st Century

2015-11-05: Students in Nalbandyan village will have a renovated and reconstructed school

2015-11-01: «Our Home»: Armenia Fund's Telethon 2015

2015-10-28: Glendale Adventist Medical Center provides medical services

2015-10-16: 37 types of specialty art supplies donated to 12 art schools in Yerevan

2015-10-15: Armenia Fund’s French affiliate begins construction of oncology center in Stepanakert

2015-09-19: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund unveils ultra-modern vocational school in Shushi

2015-09-02: Armenia Fund Executive Director Ara Vardanyan receives Vachagan Barepasht Medal

2015-08-17: Armenia Fund unveils renovated school in Khachardzan, Tavush

2015-07-17: Homeless families in Gyumri provided with apartments

2015-07-07: Cypriot-Armenian project to help boost computer literacy in Artsakh schools

2015-06-29: Refurbished irrigation pipeline means 100 more hectares of arable land in Kirants village

2015-06-27: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund unveils community center in Karin Tak

2015-06-18: With French-Armenian support, community centers are being built in 3 Artsakh villages

2015-05-27: 24th session of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Board of Trustees

2015-05-25: Hayastan Fund unveils indoor swimming pool at the Children’s Home of Gyumri

2015-05-24: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund delegation visits project sites in Tavush

2015-05-22: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund unveils two more community centers in Artsakh

2015-05-21: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund begins annual project-site visits in Armenia and Artsakh

2015-05-19: Sponsored by British-Armenian community, new kindergarten in Sasunik to open within days

2015-04-17: Lisa Stepanian Named New Executive Director of Armenia Fund USA

2015-04-03: Yerevan’s Tchaikovsky Secondary Music School Undergoes Extreme Makeover, Orchestrated by Armenia Fund

2014-11-29: $12.4 mln Raised at Armenia Fund's 17th Telethon

2014-11-10: Telethon 2014 to benefit construction of Vardenis-Martakert Highway

2014-10-20: Telethon 2014 Renews Push to Connect Northern Armenia and Karabakh Through the Vardenis-Mardakert Highway

2014-10-02: Hyebridge Telehealth Program in Armenia Speeds Up

2014-07-22: Irina Lazarian Becomes Board Member of Armenia Fund USA

2014-05-27: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s initiative to launch Telemedicine Program in Armenia became a reality

2014-04-11: Khoren Bandazian receives a medal for distinguished service to the Armenian nation

2014-02-20: Armenian-Iranian community provides ongoing support to Armenia Fund

2014-02-18: Armenia Fund’s British affiliate sponsors construction of kindergarten in Sasunik

2014-02-05: Renovations are under way in Sayat-Nova Music College, Stepanakert

2014-01-30: Armenia Fund provides ongoing support to Syrian-Armenians

2014-01-21: Toronto Armenian community’s New Year gift to Artsakh schoolchildren

2013-12-12: Surprise holiday gift to Bavra’s schoolchildren

2013-11-29: Telethon 2013: $22.6 million raised

2013-10-18: Telethon 2013: A New Route to Security and Prosperity for Northern Armenia and Karabakh

2013-08-02: Hyebridge Telehealth Takes the Stage at Armenian Medical World Conference

2013-07-26: Project Update: Norman Miller Scholarship recipients talk about choices, challenges and opportunities ahead

2013-07-18: Board member Dr. Arthur Grigorian receives presidential award

2013-05-27: Opening Ceremony for Community Center Held in Drakhtik, Artsakh

2013-05-23: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund holds opening ceremonies for Karmir Shuka water network and Martuni hospital

2013-04-23: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund opens new school in Ditavan

2013-02-19: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund makes major new contributions to Syrian-Armenian relief

2013-02-15: Avet Terteryan Art school in Yerevan receives musical instruments and equipment

2013-02-05: Bavra village recieves a community Center

2013-02-05: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund sets up a computer lab in Vaghuhas school, Nagorno- Karabakh

2013-01-24: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund continues to support Syrian-Armenian community

2012-12-12: Armenia issues postage stamp commemorating 20th anniversary of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund

2012-12-06: U.S. Ambassador to Armenia visits Armenia Fund

2012-11-23: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund ensured $21,422,477 in donations and pledges

2012-11-07: Construction of the Sos village kindergarten in Karabakh’s Martuni region is underway

2012-10-25: Vesna Markarian, Chair of Armenia Fund USA Gala Committee, Recognized by Board Of Directors

2012-10-16: Reconstruction of potable water network in Karabakh’s Ukhtadzor community is completed

2012-10-15: Razmik Amyan’s Charity Concerts in Germany

2012-10-15: Hayastan All-Armenia Fund launches 15th International Telethon campaign

2012-10-08: Armenia Fund USA 20th Anniversary Gala Photogallery

2012-10-08: In a Star-Powered Spectacular, a Unified Diaspora Pays Tribute to Armenia Fund USA

2012-09-24: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund unveils renovated wing of Stepanakert Retirement Home

2012-09-18: Seventy-two schools in Armenia’s Tavush Region to receive computer systems and furniture

2012-09-10: Shushi’s Khachatur Abovyan School reopens following complete reconstruction

2012-08-27: High-Profile Lawyer Mark Geragos to Host Armenia Fund USA 20th Anniversary Gala

2012-08-21: Norman Miller Opens Doors of Opportunity to a New Generation of Armenian Engineers

2012-08-21: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund completes eyecare project across 21 communities in Armenia’s Shirak Region

2012-08-08: Armenia Fund USA Finalizes Plans for 20th Anniversary Gala

2012-08-06: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund completes renovations of Gyumri Children’s Home

2012-07-30: President Sargsyan participated at the reception held by the UK Office of the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund

2012-07-30: Education Excellence: Preserving Tradition, Securing the Future

2012-05-26: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Opens Renovated Shushi Cultural Center

2012-05-21: Armenia Fund USA Meets Growing Demand for Western Physician Training

2012-02-24: Armenia Fund USA Continues with Healthcare Projects in 2012

2012-02-03: Armenia Fund launches renovation of Gyumri Children’s Home orphanage

2011-10-21: Construction of Gishi Village School in the Martuni Region nears Completion

2011-10-21: With Support from Armen and Nadia Ekserciyan New School Built in Ditavan, Tavush Region

2011-09-15: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund continues to help improve education in Armenia’s Shirak Region

2011-09-11: Major Support from Longtime Benefactor Hirair Hovnanian Helps Armenia Fund to Build Orphanage in Shushi

2011-08-16: Togh village will have regular access to potable water with support from the French-Armenian community

2011-06-07: Armenia Fund Builds Gas Network in Artsni

2011-05-27: Multiple Projects Completed in May

2011-05-27: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund to Feature Music Videos of New Songs During Telethon 2011

2011-05-06: Greek Affiliate of the Armenia Fund Focuses on Children in Vanadzor

2011-04-14: Community Center in Shushi Region’s Mets Shen Will Be the Village’s First

2011-04-14: Armenia Fund Continues Renovation of Maternity Ward at Charentsavan Hospital

2011-04-05: Competitions for President’s Youth Prize Concluded

2011-04-04: New Affiliate Office Launched in Romania

2011-03-27: Armenia Fund USA Extends Condolences, Mourns Loss of Edgar Hagopian

2011-03-18: Armenia Fund USA Receives Grant towards Complex Armenian Neuroscience Program

2011-03-16: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Builds Kindergarten in Drakhtik, a Village in Artsakh’s Hadrut Region

2011-03-11: HyeBridge Teleheath Continues to Expand, Prompting Armenian Telemedicine to Gain Momentum

2011-03-09: Armenia Fund Rebuilds Nursery-Kindergarten Boarding School

2011-02-25: Only 3 Months after its Start, Martuni Regional Hospital Already 10% Complete

2011-02-22: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Completes Reconstruction of Shushi Library

2011-02-14: Ghuze Chartar Kindergarten Project Goes Full-Speed Ahead

2011-02-07: Armenia Fund USA Welcomes Khoren Bandazian as New Chairman

2011-02-07: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Rebuilds Potable-Water System of Noragyugh, Artsakh’s Askeran Region

2011-01-27: Armenia Fund USA Donates Laptops to Institutions of Culture and Education

2011-01-27: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Modernizes Tchaikovsky School’s Music Library

2010-11-26: Armenia Fund 2010 Telethon Raises $20.8 Million in Pledges

2010-11-05: Armenia Fund USA Announces Telethon 2010 Initiatives

2010-10-18: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Completes Construction of Regional Cardiology Center in Goris

2010-10-11: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Completes Reconstruction of Noyemberyan Hospital

2010-09-18: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Renovates Abovyan Maternity Hospital to Accommodate Increasing Birth Rate

2010-09-16: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund and Indian Government Renovate Artsni School

2010-09-10: Syrian Affiliate Establishes Computer Room at Yerevan High School

2010-09-08: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Launches Affiliate Offices in Argentina and Uruguay

2010-09-07: Late Artist Varaz Samuelian and Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Open a Cultural Center in Artik

2010-09-06: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund Builds in Karabakh its Largest School to Date

2010-08-31: Armenia Fund Donates $7,000 in School Supplies to 3 Schools in Armenia

2010-08-18: Armenia Fund USA’s HyeBridge Telehealth Revolutionizes Delivery of Healthcare in Armenia and Karabakh

2010-08-11: Armenia Fund Builds Gymnasium Just in Time for the School Year

2010-07-29: Armenia Fund Supplies 120 Households in Ditavan with Water

2010-07-13: The Armenia Fund Begins Construction of a Kindergarten in Artsakh’s Ghuze Chartar Village

2010-07-07: Armenia Fund Unveils Newly Built Community Center in Aknaghbyur

2010-06-29: Construction of a Pedestrian Overpass at Yerevan’s Khanjyan-Tumanyan Intersection Aims to Increase Foot-Traffic Safety

2010-06-21: Shushi Revitalization Projects Going Strong, the Armenia Fund Reports

2010-06-14: Armenia Fund’s French Affiliate Collaborates with French Parliamentarian

2010-06-03: Armenia Fund Implements Three Major Projects in Lori Region

2010-05-26: Armenia Fund Unveils Dual Projects in Azatamut and Aknaghbyur

2010-05-24: Armenia Fund Opens the Armenian-French Friendship Canal in Tavush

2010-05-18: Armenia Fund Celebrates New School in Spitakashen, Water Project in Sos

2010-05-13: Opening ceremony of Maternity Ward at St. Astvatsamayr

2010-04-02: Funds raised during Phonathon 2009 help rebuild Askeran water and sewer systems

2010-04-02: President’s Youth Prize competitions conclude with exhibition of fine-arts and film finalists

2010-03-26: Armenia Fund reaches out to Washington, DC Armenian Community

2010-03-25: Revitalization of Shushi Under Way: Armenian Fund begins restoration of two thoroughfares

2010-03-22: President of Nagorno Karabakh Bako Sahakyan awards a Medal of Gratitude to Ara Boyajian, member of the Armenia Fund’s Board of Trustees

2010-03-12: Armenia Fund, Brazil Sponsors Latest Reconstruction Project

2010-03-09: Armenia Fund USA Forges Strategic Health Care Partnerships

2010-03-03: Hayastan All-Armenian Fund is 18

2010-03-03: Chairman of Armenia Fund, France Bedros Terzian and Chair of the Fund’s Control Committee Vahe Jazmadarian awarded with medals of St. Gregory the Great Order

2010-02-23: Armenia Fund Partners with Indian Government in Rebuilding Artsni School

2010-02-09: Armenia Fund Begins Construction of Aknaghbyur Community Center

2010-02-01: Armenia Fund implements drinking-water project in Martuni Region’s Sos Village


2012-03-03: President Sargsyan's appeal in regard to the 20th anniversary of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund

2007-09-01: Armenia Fund’s Vision for Rural Armenia: Interview with Raffi Festekjian, Chairman of Armenia Fund USA, Inc., New York

2003-11-14: Ambassador Arman Kirakossian’s Closing Remarks at Armenia Fund USA Tribute Gala

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