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Commitment to North Armenia, Artsakh — Armenia Fund USA Newsletter 2014.1

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There are so many wonderful ways to give to the people of Armenia and Karabakh. What makes Armenia Fund USA different from other philanthropic organizations dedicated to building a stronger nation?


A focus on large-scale infrastructure

Armenia Fund USA is a vehicle for effecting tangible, measurable and far reaching change in Armenia and Karabakh. The Fund, in collaboration with the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, has a proven track record: 137 miles of roads, 81 miles of waterways, 36 schools, 3 electric transmission networks, 210 residential buildings, and 14 healthcare institutions. Your donations go beyond “brick and mortar” solutions to implement long-term, self-sustaining projects.

Armenia Fund USA and its partners completed a seminal project in 1999, the Goris Stepanankert Highway, a 44-mile road connecting Armenia to Karabakh. Currently underway are several vital projects such as the North-South Highway, a 105-mile road that will serve as the backbone of Karabakh. Comprehensive project listings and descriptions are available under the ‘projects’ section of the site.

A mandate of inclusion

Armenia Fund USA represents all Armenian constituents and has no government, religious or political affiliations. Non-partisanship is thus taken to a new level, giving donors a means of supporting Armenia and Karabakh through a pure and direct funding channel, which benefits projects and people in need exclusively.

Armenia Fund USA views other philanthropic organizations dedicated to Armenia as allies. Rather than battling for funds and loyalties within the Diaspora, the Fund believes that by merging our collective strengths and focusing on core competencies, we can together be of greater assistance to the homeland. Armenia Fund USA is thus open to collaboration with other philanthropic organizations and individuals with Armenia’s best interests in mind.

A pledge to quality control and accountability

Armenia’s transition from communism to democracy brought a new breath of hope and renewal to the nation, unfortunately difficulties concerning power and resource allocation still abound. Armenia Fund USA has made a pledge to their donors and funding recipients to oversee and audit the procurement transparency and quality control inspection of all projects. In collaboration with the Yerevan based Hayastan All-Armenian Fund, Armenia Fund USA has set up project oversight procedures and employs highly qualified project over-seers on the ground level. Additionally, executive supervision is managed through the Board of Directors. Armenia Fund USA abides by strict and formalized procedures to ensure that funding dollars make it into the right hands and that projects are completed on time and within budget.



His Eminency Archbishop Khajag Barsamian
Primate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America

“In the young Republic of Armenia, we have a precious opportunity to realize our highest aspirations as a people and nation. Almost since the Republic’s foundation, Armenia Fund USA has worked to help our people seize this opportunity. It remains a vital way for Armenians around the world to contribute to the great project of this new era: securing a strong, vibrant and decent homeland for future generations of Armenians.”

His Eminency Archbishop Oshagan Choloyan
Prelate - Eastern United States and Canada

“Armenia Fund USA is one of the most effective channels for the establishment of a close relationship and mutual cooperation between Armenia and the Diaspora. Armenia Fund is and should always be a miraculous means through which diasporan Armenians look towards their Motherland with complete devotion and sacrifice.”

Peter Balakian
Writer, Professor - Colgate University

“Armenia Fund USA is doing powerfully important work to help keep Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh operating and growing all the time. Since this is the first time in the modern era that Armenia has been independent, nothing could be more important than our ongoing work for our ancient civilization and its future in the new age.”

Lady Baroness Caroline Cox
Deputy Speaker of the British House of Lords,
President - Christian Solidarity International

“Armenians are not just survivors, but (they) create beauty from ashes of destruction… I applaud Armenia Fund USA for creating projects fit for heroes.”


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