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For Immediate Release
October 13, 2006



Honoring Nagorno-Karabakh President Arkady Ghoukassian

NEW YORK, New York – Armenia Fund USA is pleased to announce that attorney Mark Geragos, who has built an international reputation for his success defending celebrated cases, will deliver the keynote address at Armenia Fund USA hosted evening of cocktails and dinner at Harvard Club on November 10, 2006. Mr. Geragos will join other distinguished guests and supporters of the Fund in honoring Nagorno-Karabakh President Arkady Ghoukassian who will visit the United States in connection with the 9th International Armenia Fund Telethon celebrations. Dubbed this year as “I Love Armenia! I Love Artsakh!”, the annual Telethon highlights the 15th anniversary of Armenia’s independence with a focus on the impact Armenia Fund USA, with its international affiliates, has had on the development of the country since independence. The organization remains the largest supporter of socio-economic infrastructure projects in Armenia and Karabakh since 1992. The Telethon is watched in the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Middle East and the CIS.

Mark Geragos at Larry King Live

Mark Geragos at Larry King Live

Mark Geragos, currently the managing partner of the preeminent law firm Geragos & Geragos, practices criminal trial law in both Federal and State Courts. His client roster includes some of the most prominent figures in politics, entertainment and business. He has appeared as both guest and legal commentators on the Today Show, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, Dateline NBC and MSNBC’s Hardball. Investor’s Business Daily tabbed him one of the best white collar criminal defense lawyers, while the Los Angeles Criminal Courts Bar Association has named him “Trial Lawyer of the Year”. The Los Angeles Times described Mark Geragos as “seemingly unbeatable” and the California Law Business Magazine names Geragos as one of the 100 Most Influential Attorneys in California.

Mark Geragos has been a compassionate supporter of Armenia and Armenian causes. He joined the Board of Trustees of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund in May 2006, and has many times made special appearances at Armenia Fund’s Thanksgiving Telethons that have become an annual tradition for Armenians around the world. Over years the Telethon has attracted celebrities and prominent public figures to support the noble cause of reaching out to the less fortunate in Armenia and Karabakh.

The 9th International Armenia Fund Telethon, set to air internationally on Thanksgiving Day, is marked by another unique initiative - regional development of the war-torn region of Hadrut and its cluster of villages in the southernmost borderline region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenia Fund USA with its affiliates will focus on revitalizing the impoverished villages through The Regional Development Program. This entails upgrading the economic and social infrastructure of rural communities by using a capacity building strategy that includes almost all aspects of socio-economic development- education, healthcare, critical economic infrastructure and an agricultural development plan.

ABOUT ARMENIA FUND USA: ARMENIA FUND USA, founded in 1992, was the first of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund’s 19 international affiliates and serves constituents in all states east of the Mississippi. As a non-profit, non-governmental, nonsectarian organization, the Fund represents all Armenian constituents.

Armenia Fund USA is the largest contributor among the 19 international affiliates – supporting strategic infrastructure projects in Armenia and Karabakh, and having helped build 138 miles of roads, 100 miles of waterways, 36 schools, 3 electric transmission networks, 210 residential buildings and 15 healthcare institutions.

Armenia Fund USA’s Mission is the development of strategic socio-economic infrastructure in Armenia and Karabakh, focusing on major projects such as major highways, schools, drinking water to communities and humanitarian programs in education, training and medical facilities. The Fund has adopted a policy to go “Beyond Bricks and Mortar” to provide sustainability for projects it sponsors.

To learn more about Armenia Fund USA, please visit our website at or call us at 212-689-5307.

Armenia Fund USA
80 Maiden Lane, Suite 301
New York, NY 10038


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